Benefits of Cloud Based Test Management Tools

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Cloud based test management tools & Benefits

In the recent years, cloud computing has made a huge advancement in the field of World Wide Web. Since its advent, the growth of cloud computing has been in leaps and bound and by the year 2016 the cloud computing will have a market size of $ 19.5 billion approximately. With this kind of advancement in the cloud computing genre, it is quite obvious that software testing will become largely dependent on it.

Being one of the most crucial parts of the software development life cycle, software testing is always on the lookout for advancement of the process to further strengthen the procedures in order to get better software which will provide maximum customer satisfaction. This in turn has ensured the betterment of the test management tools which are being used to test the software for the glitches so as to rectify them.

  1. Cost Effective: The best part of using the cloud based test management tools is the fact that they cost much lesser than the traditional tools. You no longer need to maintain a separate hardware for your management tools which means that your depreciating cost reduces greatly. You also get to avail your test management tool whenever you need it and you get to pay for them accordingly, which means you don’t need to pay for the tools even when you are not using the same.
  2. Benefits of Virtualization: When you are using a cloud based test management tool, you get the liberty to share the same tool with various companies which in turn helps in reduction of the capital cost. With the increase in the complexity of the various tools or applications, cloud base helps in sharing of the resources which makes the testing tools much more flexible in nature and optimal usage facilities are provided this in turn makes the testing tools more efficient.
  3. More Collaboration: With the help of cloud based test management tools you can now share the data among the testing teams of various locations all around the world. This helps in collaboration of the various testing teams giving rise to more powerful testing procedures which ultimately results in foolproof software which will be favorite among the customers. You no longer need to maintain a test team at your development site as the data can easily be shared over cloud server.
  4. Testing is Quicker: Cloud based test management tools deploy a lot quicker than the traditional tools available and also, they have a very short set up time which ultimately results in saving time when it comes to the whole testing procedure. The test management tools can also be upgraded anytime and anywhere providing you with more proficient tools to work with. The testing can be started anytime and anywhere and almost immediately providing the company with an advantage in competition.
  5. Reduced IT Management Effort: When you are using cloud based test management tools, you no longer need to put a lot of effort in the installation, adding or replacing of the users, licensing, upgradation across locations, etc. This provides your IT team with ample time to focus on more vital issues related to software testing which will ensure a better testing procedure that will benefit the business in the long run by earning more profit.

These are some of the top benefits of cloud based test management tools over the traditional tools that are available in the market and in the coming years this dependency is going to be enhanced further for the betterment of the process on a whole.


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