Why is Load Testing Important for Applications?

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Why is the Important of Load Testing in Applications

What makes any software a better one and more acceptable one by on the customer front is the fact that all the probable glitches and bugs have been rectified. But, how will you know about the present glitches or problems? Software testing, of course! That’s what makes the testing process a vital part of the software development life cycle. Software testing helps the developers to modify the software to create a better version of the same.

Load testing is a vital part of the whole software testing procedure and is a type of performance testing which deals with the load taking capacity of the software. It is the process by which the performance of the software is checked under normal load as well as peak load.

Load testing is a specific part of performance testing of the software which deals specifically with the load taking capacity of the software under consideration along with checking the performance of the whole as well as the various parts of the software which has been integrated to create the whole, under normal and spiked load conditions. Load testing is usually classified as a non functional testing procedure but can be used to perform functional testing to check how the software functions under various load conditions. The developers can rectify the various problems caused by the load on the specific software which affects the performance of the software on the whole. The best part of load testing is the fact that it accurately depicts the actual real world scenario where the software will be used by real users.

In the current time, people have a lack of time. Everybody is leading a hectic life and hence they need everything fast. This applies in case of software too. People are always on the lookout for a software which will deliver in a fast paced manner even under the condition of spiked load. Software which lags under increased load is often rejected by the customers. This makes load testing an absolute must if the developer is trying to make his software successful. Apart from checking the overall performance of the software, load testing also helps in checking how fast the software springs back to its original self even if it snaps under pressure.

While planning out the load testing for any particular software, the tester has to bear in mind the build up of the software that is being tested as well as the desired effect that it is supposed to produce when being used by the customers, because the improvement of the software will depend solely on these results. The tester also has to bear in mind to make the results as accurate and precise as possible. It is also very important to maintain a log of all the load tests performed throughout the whole development process, so as to get a hang of the repetitive bugs that are occurring o that special attention can be paid to abolish them and prevent them from returning further. The various components of the software also need to be thoroughly checked.

So this is a gist of why load testing is important for any application to make it successful and an absolute favourite among the customers. Load testing needs to be introduced into the development life cycle of the software as early as possible so that the problems can be detected and resolved before they get further complicated by the introduction of newer problems. We hope to have helped you to understand the importance of the process and satisfy all your queries.


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