List of Some of the Top Software Security Threats Prevailing

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List of Some of the Top Software Security Threats PrevailingAs the age is advancing in terms of technology, we are being gifted by more options which are easing our daily life. However, with these advancements, it is also making our data more exposed to the hackers, producing more security threats. Previously the threats were only related to criminal issues which revolved either around stealing credit card or bank account passwords or people out to teach the corporate guys a lesson. But nowadays the security threats have become more violent and are related to nation-state attacks. Following are some of the top software security threats prevailing in today’s world.

  1. Nation-State Attacks: The hack of the Belgacom exposed a vital security threat where the whole telecom system was hacked by the enemy spies and all the client information was exposed to be used by the spies for unethical purposes. The likes of Regin are one of the many malware systems which can be used to by unethical people to crack into the telecom systems and pose as threats.
  2. Extortion: Extortion is another security hack that is slowly cropping up in the IT industry. Hackers are busy cracking into the software of the IT giants to seek information which will help them to blackmail the industry owners for money. These types of security threats are usually conveyed through the help of Ransomware which help in getting into the various database of the high profile clients so as to lynch out vital data which can be used against them to extort money.
  3. Data Destruction: Apart from extortion of money from the high profile clients on the pretext of data extraction another side of this same crime is the destruction of the data from the database which has been hacked into. These sophisticated hacking procedures require high levels of skill to be operated. These types of hacking make the whole system inoperable as it removes the whole data regarding the master reboot nonexistent.
  4. Bank Card Breaches: This security breach of the software has been prevalent almost since the dawn of the credit and debit cards. The hackers snoop into the database of the various banks to scoop out the password of the cards and then use them for various purposes. The hackers are also employing systems to crack the passwords. However the banks are creating new cards known as the EMV which will probably be harder to crack into but the vendors will require new machines to swipe them.
  5. Third-Party Breaches: The third party breaches are a new technique of breaching into the database of high profile clients by the hackers. In this technique the hackers break into the database of less important parties with the intention of accessing the database of larger clients through them. This system eases the hacking process as the unimportant middle man has low level of security and hence can be easily hacked into. However, these third party breaches are a sign which confirms the increased levels of security systems for which the hackers have to restore to such detours to get into the system of the high profile clients.
  6. Critical Infrastructure: Critical infrastructure are the kind of hackings where the hackers are targeting the various industrial control systems which are open source in nature and can be modified by the various customers as and when the need to do so and hackers use this to gain remote access.

We hope that this list of security threats will help you to develop more secure software for your customers to use with utmost safety.


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