Top Reasons to Outsource Software Testing to India

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1Although software testing is one of the most important phase of developing your software, it definitely doesn’t come under the core developmental area and can be easily outsourced. The process of outsourcing the method will help you to relieve the pressure of the process so that you can focus completely on the functionality and performance of the software. In present day, India holds 40% of the total outsourced services and the following reasons are exactly why India is your best choice to outsource software testing.

  1. Pay Less, Get More: The main aim of any business is to gain maximum profit and benefit out of the existing staff which is at your disposal. When you outsource a part of your project to a place like India, you get your core team to manage the outsourced lot and it will help them to focus well on their part of the job as it will relieve the pressure. You can also get the job done at a cheaper rate and hence increase the net gain of the company in terms of money and also in terms of staff productivity.
  2. Skilled People, Cheaper Rates: One of the top notch reasons why most of the leading technological companies are choosing India for the purpose of outsourcing the software testing is because you get highly skilled people at your disposal. You get the service of these skilled people for much cheaper rates than you would get at your home grounds. This ultimately ensures that your ultimate cost is cut down improving the profit of your company yet you get the same quality of service as you would get in your hometown. In India you will get perfect product satisfaction from the workers.
  3. Focusing on Core Business: Many large companies have a software division as a side dish of their main business. On one hand, you need to produce the best software for your customers, but on the other hand, you also need to focus more on your actual business. Outsourcing the side business to India will make sure that you get high quality product to serve to your customers and at the same time you will also get to keep your staff focused on the main business that you own.
  4. Negotiable Pricing: As we have already said, India offers a much diminished pricing range for the same quality (sometimes better) job as in USA or UK. Thus, outsourcing your testing part of your software to India will save a lot when it comes to money and will show a huge profit on the annual report of your business. Where any labour in the US will cost you around $80 per hour for full time software testing project, an Indian counterpart might only cost you $25 per hour for the same job. See the difference?
  5. Easy Start Off: As India is one of the giants when it comes to outsourced jobs, holding around 40% of the net outsourced job in the world, finding a perfect company to outsource your job to is very easy out there. All you need to do is take care of the various criteria you have, choose a vendor according to your required terms (which is pretty easy as the country is loaded with such vendors) and sign a contract with them and voila! You have now outsourced the software testing to India. Yes! It is actually as simple as that.

So, now that you know about all the benefits you can get from outsourcing the software testing to India, you should immediately consider doing so.


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