Difference between Automation and Manual Testing

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1Software testing is one of the most vital parts of the software development life cycle, which solely decides the popularity of the developed software. As the testing processes are advancing, IT organizations are becoming more aware of its importance. Although multiple kinds of tests are available in the software testing the whole software testing procedure can be broadly classified as automated testing and manual testing procedure. As the whole software testing is based on these two parts, it is very important to know the difference between the two so that one can apply the right test in the right situation.

Automation Testing: Automation testing is the type of software testing procedure which is conducted with the help of testing tools like Selenium, J meter, QTP, Load Runner, Win Runner etc. Which are usually open source in nature and help the testers to perform various phases of the software testing life cycle. Automation testing is considered to be an integral part of manual testing,which takes lesser time due to the fact that they are done with the help of running scripts. Usually in the automation testing process the recitative functionalities of the software are checked solely by using tools. The regression testing is a lot less complicated with this procedure (due to the utilization of various tools) and more accurate and reliable results are obtained with the help of less number of testers. These tests are of high quality and can be done in multiple batches at the same time. You can also run automation tests on more than one machine at the same time. However, automation testing has some down sides which lies basically in the fact that it is an expensive procedure where knowledge of programming is absolutely necessary.

Manual Testing: The type of software testing, which is done primarily by the testers without the use of automatic tools or scripts is known as manual testing. Although it is accomplished primarily by the human beings, it consists of some of the most important phases of the software testing life cycle, which includes the likes of test planning, test deployment, result analysis, test execution, bug tracking and reporting tools. Although the processes of manual testing is a lot more complicated and time consuming, still it helps in the detection of a lot more bugs as the tests performed are random in nature and the testers are allowed to use their instincts for the detection of flaws. Random testing and Error guessing are two of the basic processes by which the manual testing results are obtained. As the use of tools are limited to this type of testing hence regression testing procedure becomes pretty complicated and hard to grasp and takes a lot more time to obtain the results. As there is practically no tool interaction with the manual testing process, hence it requires a lot more testers to get the work done and batch testing is impossible. The results obtained may be less accurate and reliable but the process is a lot less expensive and requires no knowledge of programming to be accomplished.

So these are the overall basic differences between the manual and automation testing of software. You can now decide which test would be best suited for your project and work accordingly.


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